Sunday, April 20, 2008

Two Swans in the Park

" Morning dear. Did you sleep well?"
" Sleep well? How dare you! How could I sleep well with 6 great hard hulking lumps under me! This is all your fault - that's the last time I let you come anywhere near me."
" Now dear, you know you're only just saying that - you don't mean it."
" Don't mean it? I tell you, when this lot hatch I'm off. No more of this producing eggs and sitting on them for months. And what do you get at the end? No bloody gratitude, I can tell you. And I'll have lost my attraction for you and you'll be off with that younger swan from the other side of the pond."
Some weeks go by.
" Morning dear, did you sleep well?"
" Sleep well? You must be joking. It's all very well for you Mrs., you just had to sit there to hatch them, I've had them under me jiggling about for days now whilst you float around with your head gracefully tucked under your wing."
"Aw but they're sweet, and follow me around all day cheeping."
" .. And keeping me awake during the day too! I can tell you, the minute their feathers start to go white I'm off."
So you see, whether you're a cob or a pen, raising babies is no fun. Which is pretty much the same for humans.
Once they turn about 25 it's not so bad.

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