Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Search for a Nancy

Actually I think it's called I'll do anything, but anyway, it's for the new Oliver!
Nancy, of course, is now a non-pc word for homosexual man ( please note its from HOMOS as in the same ( Greek) as opposed to Latin HOMO = man). Having Graham Norton involved seems a bit voracious but there you are.
The point is that Kevin Spacey ( whose own sexuality would appear a touch light in the Timberlands, but who knows?) has spoken out about a " thirteen week promotion for musicals".
And he's quite right. Why should the musicals, the opera etc etc get these free adverts when straight theatre ( I'm getting in a bit deep here) doesn't get a mention? Plays are only represented in something like 20% of West End London theatres at the moment, and certainly none that could be called " experimental" or " new".
I've said it before here, unless we make an effort to get away from what can only be called the dumbed-down performances of musicals, within a generation there will be no real theatre, and only pathetic celebrities from East Enders as our actors.
Larry, John and Nigel must be turning in their graves.

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