Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Interview

Everyone is talking about DC's interview last night. Was it good? Was it a lurch to the right? What would Paxo have done to him? Why doesn't Flash allow himself to be interviewed by Paxo? And so on.
I don't know about you, but I find it rather interesting that there is quite so much debate about it. For one thing, it must show that people actually take DC seriously, or they wouldn't bother. Dizzy has an excellent piece,which shows just how Cameron has scooped the ground out from under Flash's feet on immigration. DC's line is that uncontrolled immigration is affecting our treasured services. Labour can hardly complain that that is racist, and even Flash acknowledges that the immigration we have had over the last few years has had a detrimental effect on services.
I think what it does show is that, despite the BBC's best efforts, Cameron has a strength of character. He is engaging. He is polite and respectful ( Halelujah!). And - as far as I can see - he really does care about what's happening in the UK. Too often in the recent past politicians of all hues have mouthed platitudes without a genuine belief in anything but their own promotion.
DC doesn't seem to fit into that mould, which is why NuLabour are having such difficulty dealing with him at the moment. If you believe, its' really difficult to attack it.
I am presently reading a book about Abraham Lincoln and the three men he faced at the 1860 Republican Presidential Convention - Seward, Chase and Bates. He subsequently brought them all into his war cabinet. The most interesting thing is that debate was long and precisely argued. There were no soundbites. Positions were taken because of argument and agreement, but once a principle was set, there was no turning back despite the vicissitudes of events, political expediency or doubts.
Perhaps Mrs. Thatcher's greatest moment was her " The lady's not for turning". Principle maintained. That's what real leadership is about. Not abrogating responsibility and trimming when it suits.
So, Mr.Cameron, stick with it. You aren't in the least like Tony Bliar.

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