Thursday, August 16, 2007

World Markets in turmoil.. More follows....

Yes they really are.They're crashing all over the place.
Fortuantely I'm in Florence and going to the opera at Torre del Lago over the next few nights, so I don't really care. I don't anyway as we got out of most things a few weeks ago.
However, I was fascinated by the scrolling news on both CNN and the NASDAQ site
" Uk's Footsie falls 4%"
"Dow plunges over 300"
" Countrywide Financial going bust"
" Nigeria bans all foreign made toothpaste"
Eh? Come again?
I reread it.
I can only think toothpaste is an important medium of exchange in Nigeria, and they are tightening their credit.
Clearly a trading opportunity.
Nigerians are clearly going bananas without their Crest. I intend to buy up world supplies and smuggle them in, making a killing in toothpast futures.

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