Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Time off work for Men when their children are born

Over on Mr. Fact there is a story about Ze Tcherman's mocking our present touchy-feeling government and it's rules about taking time off for babies being born.
Two stories:
A friend of mine's father turned up after the birth of his son about 30 odd years ago. Fathers were very definitely NOT present at births at the time ( Matron would never have stood for it) so tended to repair to the pub with an old and dear friend. Needless to say, the net result was two somewhat inebriated people in the hospital once the baby had been delivered, cleaned up, etc etc.
Unfortunately, my friend had had a forceps delivery, and as a result his head was - shall we say - somewhat out of kilter.
" What's wrong with him?" said the less than proud father." His head's all twisted"
Whereupon the midwife knocked him out cold.
The second story concerns my own first born, some 30 odd years ago as well.
Mrs. Lear went into labour about 4am, and I drove her into the hospital. It took quite some time for things to come to fruition, but round about lunchtime they did. I saw the baby, saw Mrs. Lear, then toddled into my office.
I was greeted by the head salesman.
" What do ye mean taking time off for a bairn? I never had one minute off when mine were born."
So there.

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