Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Pakistan & Jason Bourne

I watched a lovely programme this evening on BBC2, about Saira Khan in Pakistan. I thought originally she might be related to Imran Khan, but it turned out she wasn't. At least, she didn't call him "Dad".
There was a wonderful bit when two clearly gay Pakistani dress designers produced their latest fashions - totally western and showing flesh.
When questioned about this, the two "Gays" ( I always think they should be called " sads") stressed they were not just designing for Pakistan, but for the world.
" But surely," said Saira, " These clothes would never be worn in Pakistan?"
" Ooh, yes - especially at a ball - for St. Valentines Day, say."
St. Valentines Day? In Pakistan? I think Musharraf should be told.
On a lighter note, go and see The Bourne Ultimatum. Intellectual it is not, the story can be encapsulated in a sentence, but for sheer crash bang wallop fun it would be hard to beat.
He'd soon sort out the Taliban.

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