Monday, August 13, 2007

Westminster watches out

Well actually it's not, BrownLabour are living up to their name in the colour of their trousers.
In case you missed it, the SNP now have a 48% to 23% lead in the polls in Scotland.
That's actually enough to lose Labour it's overall majority on it's own.
It would appear that lots of people close to Flash are under extreme pressure to DO something.
Flash won't of course. He has absented himself from Scotland ( it's Macavity again) just when they actually need him.
A Labour Scottish Councillor told me that all their future proposals had been kicked into touch by their own people down south, and the message was to do everything they could to blacken the name of the SNP - scaremongering, spinning, sniping, you name it.
Of course, the real problem is that that is exactly what the electorate is telling us they don't want to hear.
DC's line of talking common sense and supporting measures that actually have a point goes down well ( despite the dino's inability to understand life has moved on).
If we actually want younger people to engage in political life, Westminster will have to learn that negative campaigning is no longer any use.
Amongst all it's other plus points, the internet would appear to be educating a whole new strata of society in political dialogue - however hesitantly and however slowly. I'm willing to bet that the next general election will see an increase in the percentage of voters going to the polls, and a general lowering in the age of those voting.
And have a look at the people who vote in elections in other countries like Iraq, who put the 39% of us who don't vote to shame.

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