Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A seriously good time - now back to a serious time

I've had a brilliant time in Italy with friends over the last few days - weather not too hot, food exceptional, wine even better and the opera - well, need I say more?
But it's all over now and it's back to work, with, as ever, outstanding things to be sorted, and delays in every direction.
A couple of things caught my eye in the past week.
One was a story in the Telegraph about Cosimo Mele, and Italian politician with a pregant wife and three children, who was caught in bed with not one but TWO prostitutes, cocaine, etc etc.
When questioned as to whether he believed in Christian values, his response was " Of course I identify with Christian values! But what has that to do with going to bed with a prostituite?" Hm.
The next was a website which referred to " The Alzheimer's Long Island Swim - now only a distant memory.." And before you complain, Old Kinglear( my father) died of Alzheimer's, so I know it can only be coped with if you have a sense of humour.
Then there was a character in a book saying " Bribery is simply the free market simplifying the decision making process". I rather liked that - getting a table in a crowded restaurant is the perfect example.
A quadruplet from Wobegon Boy by Garrison Keillor:
" In figuring out name order, it is common to put the duller one first"
"March and April were created by God to show non-drinkers what a hangover was like"
" People prefer comfort to aesthetics - this is a terrible truth about Americans" - and probably most people.
" Let him who is without oxen cast the first stone"
And finally, I learned about Stendahl's Syndrome. A very serious condition, it afflicts most people who visit Florence - it is a person becoming overwhelmed by it's beauty.


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