Tuesday, September 04, 2007


As part of my BAFTA duties, we went to see Atonement tonight.
It's OK. It's nowhere as good as the critics are saying, but then, they've had nothing to actually " criticise" for some time. The summer's blockbusters don't require their efforts - even if they panned them to a man or woman they would still have the dosh rolling in.
This actually gives them something to get their teeth into - a BOOK for God's sake. As the BAFTA Director said this evening " See? Write a book and get lots of people to come to see the film."
It's a tad slow in pace, and, as with most films nowadays, 15 minutes cut out of it wouldn't make much difference, and would sharpen the tension.
The best acting was the young girl playing Briony Tallis. The divine Keira was fine, except I do wish she would eat a few more potatoes and a hunk or two of bread. It might help her dress to have some shape. But an Oscar? Not unless they give them just for looking lovely.
Which is always possible.

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