Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wigan versus Liverpool

A dear friend has suggested I should try Liverpool - makes Wigan look like Shangri-La


Winchester whisperer said...

I've never been to Wigan but I'm prepared to bet that I could find a better restaurant in Liverpool than you could in Glasgow.

kinglear said...

ww - hm interesting one. What is the definition of better? I'm prepared to lay a fiver if you define the terms - or loser buys

Winchester whisperer said...

My terms are that I take you out to dinner in Liverpool and you take me out in Glasgow. We then agree which restaurant was better in terms of food, ambience etc and the winner gets a fiver. There's only one condition: we give the names of the restaurants to an independent third party in advance, maybe the eldest Miss Lear? It'll have to be a project for 2008, though.