Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hello in the park

What do you do if you are walking around the park with your Dog? I always say " 'Morning" in a clear, straight-out kind of way to everyone I walk past.
As I have now been doing this for some time - and as the Dog is known to lots of people from his walks with Mrs. Lear during the week - I am invariably greeted more effusively than my somewhat flat delivery would warrant.
The problem is, I have no idea who these people are. I recognise some of the dogs ( that's not quite right, the Dog knows the dogs) but, as far as I know, I have little in common with the owners.
So, as a sort of sop, I have instituted a gradation of " Hellos"
People without dogs get the usual " 'Morning."
Those with dogs, who the Dog ignores, but who I have seen before get the full, (stressed first word) "Good Morning."
Those with dogs that the Dog knows, and I recognise, get " Hi there!"
I feel I am doing my bit for good neighbourliness.
I was, however, somewhat taken aback this morning, when, after the "Good Morning" greeting, I quite distinctly heard the lady to whom it was addressed shout " Shut UP!"
On further investigation I noticed she had a mobile clamped to her ear, invisible under the hair and on the other side from where I was walking. I had involuntarily stopped in surprise.
" Shut UP! SHUT UP!" she shrieked. I thought it best to continue walking.
Except, the Dog had decided this was a good spot to stop and sniff, to get the news of the day.
So I stood there somewhat awkwardly as this outwardly respectable lady swore and cursed whoever was at the other end of the call - words a lady should never use I'm sure, but probably frequently does.
She made no attempt to move away, or lower her voice , or moderate her language whilst she berated the poor unfortunate - whose, crime, it would appear, was that HE ( of course) had gone off to do something , when she really really wanted to do something else NOW!
To cut a long story short, the conversation ceased abruptly. At which point the Dog started to move again, and I made to follow him.
" Lovely day!" said the lady waving gaily and walking off.
She had clearly got it all off her chest, and was now quite content, having made his day miserable.
More anon.


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi. Came over from the Whisperer's blog and am delighted to find what a lovely blog you have here. I like the way you modulate your greetings according to who knows dog, etc! Will be back.

007and a half said...

He, he! That is a very familiar tale :-)

My housekeeper generally walks the cyberdogs and I get the same thing at the w/e - everyone knows my dogs and I haven't a Scooby who they are :-) So I just smile and say hello, too.

kinglear said...

Dear WL, how kind you are! I read you too, I'm just seriously incapable on these machines most of the time and have to wait for a friend to come and do things for me!
007.5 - ah yes. There is another shoe to drop here, but as I am in Romania protem ( lovely weather, lovely cabbage, lovely new wee flat..) it will have to wait until I am somewhere where I can gather thoughts properly. Hope the H is well.

kinglear said...

WL -btw I heartily approve of your favourite books and films - not too sure about some of the music! Have you read the book about Lampedusa's life? Astonishing