Thursday, September 06, 2007


Someone has taught me how to do pictures here, so I thought you might like a look at Transylvania.
The picture above is of a typical Saxon town, called Cloasterf. The Church/Citadel is the defining part of these villages, all of which are between 5 and 8 km apart. Their primary use was defensive against invading Turks and Ottomans.
This is is a typical area - note the farm track and hay ricks. Also the lack of trees.


Winchester whisperer said...

Looks fabulous. Who arrived first in the UK: the Angles or the Saxons?

Winchester whisperer said...
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kinglear said...

ww - my memory ( could be wrong,old age you know)was that some "English" slaves were brought to Rome about 100AD, and when introduced as "Angles" to some cleric type his reply was " Not Angles, but Angels". That would presuppose the Angles were in UK before the Saxons, who I think were from about 550AD ?? I'm sure someone knows the correct answer??