Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Great Scottish incarceration

Tomorrow, where I live will be surrounded by police, crash-barriers, cones and police tape.
I will be unable to move more than a short distance from my house, and every time I do I will be shouted at to get out of the way.
Just because where I live is quite attractive, the Stalinists who rule Glasgow City Council like to get it on the TV as often as possible. Please note that the people in my area probably supply something like 25% of the total tax take for the city in one way or another ( not me you understand). So the Council really enjoys making our lives difficult.
So tomorrow, apart from being ghettoised, I will have to wait for:
1) the removal of the tons of litter left by thousands of sweaty smelly runners as they throw away drink cups, bottles, clothing etc. And the spectators leave even more rubbish.
2) rain to wash away the pee smell which will be everywhere.
3) Council workers on triple pay to remove the barriers which will allow me to move around again.
Now don't get me wrong. I am perfectly happy for people to run around and raise money for charity. I would just prefer if they did it somewhere that didn't interfere both with my movements and the movements of anyone trying to get around Glasgow tomorrow morning.
And I would really appreciate if they wouldn't pee in my street in their hundreds.
And especially not in my garden.


Winchester whisperer said...

It's probably not as bad as living in Notting Hill during the carnival

kinglear said...

ww - true, but it took Ms Middle Lear 1hr and 40 mins to get from her house to the other side of the clyde - about 3 miles. And we're supposed to like it.