Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hello in the Park (3)

Being Saturday, it's me and the dog around the park.
All the usual suspects were there ( at least the dog knows who they are).
There is a dilemma, though. The joggers and serious walkers have to be passed several times in the course of the wander along whilst the dog checks the news at every bush and clump.
First time is no problem - the appropriate "Hello" " Good Morning," etc is fine - second time round perhaps " Hi" ( or silence? I never know) Third time is distinctly a grey area. Walk past with eyes down or averted? Surely they don't become invisible just because you have seen them three times?
There's a chap who exercises a whippet by riding his bicycle along the paths at great speed. He can go past 5 or 6 times in the space of one tour by my dog. He is meticulous in stopping to bag and bin, which is really excellent. In fact, most people in the park are pretty good at this.
I came across the foul-mouthed lady again this morning. Her mobile was still clamped to her ear, but she was - how shall I put it? - purring into it rather than shouting. And had a very smiley face.
I can only assume someone other than her husband/partner/significant other was talking to her, as not only did she not reply to my greeting, she ignored me completely.
Still, I expect her other half will be doing the same with Ms. A.N.Other by now anyway.

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