Tuesday, September 04, 2007

An extra bad hair day

I got this today by email. It's from a lady in her late forties.
" An old friend of mine married (2nd time round - not that its relevant) a rather wealthy air freight company owner a few years ago .They had a son - she was desperate for children (hence ditching first husband) & all seemed well - large fancy house, no longer worked, own BMW (tacky I know but it was a la mode in those days) . She came home from shopping one day & found him dead - died intestate - mega problems- especially as his "ex" wife turned up with 2 sons - chatted to my friend B. & it transpired they had never divorced. She then said to B. what provision had been made for her ?(nothing naturally) .Next his mistress contacted her - the rent had not been paid on her flat or on her hairdressing salon. Then the Inland Revenue turned up - unpaid inc tax for employees - then the boss of the company turned up re fiddling of VAT - so on & so on. The crowning glory came with another mistress from Isle of Man turning up at the funeral - she thought he was on business trip opening another office in North east hence he'd not be in touch for a week or so. B. had a breakdown !!!! Now she is living with chap No.3- who seems a bit flaky - some folks never learn - he is much younger than her (ie 22years) - there is a certain time of life when (no matter how much nipping & tucking a woman has) the flesh gets weak & sags & is not pretty to look at with or without the light. But she seems to enjoy herself - her son now lives in US & is not impressed I gather !! But the legit wife naturally had all the problems of the financial side to bear but everyone lost their houses & business !!!"
So the next time someone says they're having a bad hair day, think on.