Friday, September 21, 2007

Go to Wigan - Go Upmarket!

A friend emailed me today to tell me that Wigan was where people from Stoke 0n Trent went when they want to splash out in an upmarket location.
The only thing I know about Stoke on Trent is that last Easter we were in the middle of nowhere in the highlands, when a hotel appeared. Outside it were some pretty flashy cars, beside which were parked small, wife-like/secretary-like runabaouts.
" Hm" mused the Headmaster's Wife. " It would be very easy for anyone to spot these people and know what they were up to" ( taking tea obviously -ed)
Anyway, a general discussion then ensued as to where one would go to be unfaithful. London was suggested ( big place, easy to hide) but rejected as so many people moved throught it all the time that one knew.
Latvia ( soo in, therefore out).
Cardiff ( give us a break).
No, there was only one place in the whole of the UK that could be guaranteed not to attract anyone.
Stoke on Trent. Safe as houses.

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