Thursday, January 29, 2009

Celtic 11 Dundee United 10

I don't suppose too many people who read this blog will have noticed the above scoreline from last night's Cup match.
After 120 minutes it was still 0-0.
After 5 penalties each it was 5-5.
After 7 penalties it was 6-6 - both sides missed one.
After 10 penalties it was 9-9
After 11 it was 10-10.
Then a chap who Celtic are trying to buy from DU stepped up and missed.
And Celtic scored. We could hear the roar from Hampden more than 5 miles away.
I think the Celts should bung him an extra few quid if they do get him.
They did get him, and he used the proverbial line:" It's a dream come true for me..."
He must have been dreaming when he took that penalty...

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