Tuesday, January 20, 2009

No words to describe it...

Fraser Nelson in the Spectator "Coffee House" has this to say:.
" I wish I could find a way of getting across, in plain, non-hyperbolic English, the sheer scale of what's going on right now, and what this means to our country's ability to finance itself. I just can't: the size of our problems defies my powers of expression. Journalistic language can't do it justice: we cried doom months ago, and we were right. Crying "double doom" now wont resonate. "
The whole post is worth reading, but what is particularly telling, I think, is the fact that things keep getting worse. In previous downturns ( certainly since WW2) things slowly declined but then levelled off. After a period, things began to improve - and people could see where it was all heading. Now, no one appears to have any idea where we are heading or what to do about it if we did.
Seriously scary.

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