Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oh, Please!

OK, I know people probably think of me as a rabid Tory, but I can't have been alone to be appalled at Wright on Newsnight with Paxman last night.
Admittedly he was getting slaughtered, but to try to make Party Political points - and then saying he doesn't want to make them is truly dreadful.
Up to that point I had been thinking that the debate between Wright Pickles and Paxo was sensible and measured ( and I loved Pickles aside: Paxo: You're unusually quiet. Pickles: When I come on this programme I tend to wait until I'm asked a question) - and then Wright starts spouting about Ashcroft and Laidlaw. Paxo quite rightly slapped him down, and Pickles played it brilliantly, not mentioning Party at all, but sticking to the " there must be rules all adhere to" line.
I can't help but think Gordon Brown's inability to see anything except as a chance to score points against the Tories as the real problem we face, not particularly the Credit Crunch. Wright is clearly infected with it, but, interestingly, Alistair Darling seems to have done his best to keep away from it. If Brown really did put country before party we might be out of this a lot quicker.
I received an email from a young friend in Canada today, to whom I had been relating the dire state of UK PLC. His reply? "I'm astonished. We in Canada think of Britain as a strong country with a strong economy and a strong currency. I can't believe how badly your government has handled things."
Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings....

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