Monday, January 12, 2009

Exponentially worse in Tchermany..

Actually, it's not. Mr. Fact, that repository of all knowledge, has emailed me the following about one of the States of Germany - Bad Wurrtemburg.
It only has just under 11million inhabitants, but has a GDP of Eur 330billion plus ( he mentions the figures are a year or so out of date). So with about 15% of UK population they produce about 23% of our equivalent GDP.
Secondly, their exports ( meaning out of Germany) just of manufactured goods stand at Eur 125 billion. Remember this is just one of Germany's states. The UKs total exports are about Eur 240 billion.
So one German State with about 15% of UK population produces a higher GDP than the figure for UK exports in total; and exports in manufactured goods about half what the UK exports in total.Oh, and they have a State budget surplus and obviously a balance of payments surplus.
And the UK is uniquelly well placed to weather the downturn?
Don't make me laugh.

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