Monday, January 12, 2009

Divorce, 2009 Style

I nearly had hysterics yesterday when I read you can now download divorce papers off the internet. There's more than one site, but I laughed long and hard at the thought that years of co-habitation can now be brushed aside with a few strokes of the keyboard.
Whilst Madge and Guy may be bickering about £100million or so, most of us would, I think, be arguing about who gets to take on the debt.
I suppose we were all brought up to think that marriage was THE answer - especially girls of my generation. Even calling them girls dates me.I'm quite certain lots of them have led pretty miserable lives as a result.
I'm quite sure, though, that we should look for happiness ( I've posted about this before) so I was interested to read that instead of happiness, we should be looking for BLISS.
It stands fo:
Body-based pleasure
Can't see the difference myself....

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