Monday, January 05, 2009

A Condom! A Condom! My Kingdom for a Condom!*

In case you missed it, today was the mooted day for Prince Albert of Monaco to announce his engagement to Charlene Wittstock.
It was put off because of the general world economic collapse - it was thought inappropriate that such an announcement should be made at that time. So December 31st was suggested... or 5th. January.
Albert and his family was cursed many years ago by a witch who said that they would never have happy marriages, which has been largely true. He has children ( how? do Royals never use condoms?) but none will inherit.
The assumption would be that to produce a legitimate heir is pretty important to him, but I suspect he is putting off the evil day which may end his happiness.
It would be rather fun though, wouldn't it? I doubt William and Kate will be making any announcements soon.
* This is the second Shakespearean quote of the day - somewhat bastardised

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