Tuesday, January 06, 2009

This is going to get exponentially worse..

What would you say is the most efficient manufacturing industry in Britain?
You might be astonished to learn it is the car industry, which, post the demise of British Leyland ( and in truth before as well) has surpassed the expectations of it's mostly Japanese masters.
Now a little bird tells me things are so bad worldwide that even these most efficient of plants ( Honda, Nissan,Toyota) are getting rid of contractors that cost them nothing to get rid off and the graduate trainees, even from 2 years ago, have their heads on the chopping block. This from companies that pride themselves on retaining loyal staff and "working through" problems.
I suppose drops of 35-40% in sales is enough to ruin any business plan ( I always liked the projections people do showing 10% variation; if it works it will be much better than 10% UP, if it doesn't it will be bust.)
Nissan has a research facility near Milton Keynes with 600 odd people working on projects.
The word has gone out from HR that on 19th January there is to be a big meeting in Japan to decide on worldwide cutbacks. Nissan currently has 2 advance projects on the go, one in UK and one in Japan. One or other will get the chop.
I'm not sure why they are having the meeting - I can tell you now which one will go.
Told you it would get worse

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