Thursday, January 04, 2007

5 things

Everybody with a blog is doing " 5 things you didn't know about me". Every time I tell my youngest daughter something about myself in my youth, she says I am lying , so here goes.
1. I used to play the trumpet quite well.
2. Whilst living in Germany as a boy, I won the USAAF open golf competition.
3. I also won the USAAF pistol AND rifle shooting competitions.
4. When I was sent home aged 12 with a line from school saying I needed glasses, my mother told me to behave myself.
5. I was embroiled in huge controversy at school, when I won a French prize whilst NOT doing French, and all the members of the French A level set went on strike, as they had been studying for the prize for 18 months.
My point about all this is that - despite the fact that I think of myself as cheerful, kind, caring etc - in reality I piss people off.
Especially the USAAF, who promptly banned me from entering ANY of their competitions.

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