Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Orders in Council

Iain Dale had a very good bit about the above, and the ( perrenial) government cockup.
So, OK, I'm getting a bit obsessed with this - BUT:
Which government in a two year period handed out over 800 decrees but only enacted a total ( I think) of 22 laws passed by parliament?
Which government fabricated justification to invade another country? And whose leader then said - and here I paraphrase - " You can trust me with the fate of our country and people. If we don't invade, what would you say to me when we are being attacked?"
Which leader said quote " When I go through it all again, I am convinced that it has been given to me to lead our common cause (against our enemies) to a victorious end."
Which government abdicated it's belief in the consensus of a council of nations in order to pursue it's own ends?
Which Party Leader said " Wherever I am and wherever I go, whatever the outcome,I will be with you always"?
And finally for now, which deputy party leader said " The rational political view has prevailed"?
And tomorrow you can have part IV.

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