Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Which is which?

Just a little test.
The first government I'm talking about won power with about 25% of the electorate voting for them. It's first edict was that it would maintain the status quo. It's second was to downgrade the Upper House, dismissing most of it's sitting members. It then did away with the nation's chief legal officer and replaced him with a close friend of the head of government - who then said unless the lawyers toed the line they would not get any more funding from the state.
The second government won power with about 25% of the elctorate voting for them. It's first edict blah blah blah.... they would not get any more funding from the state.
Compare and contrast.


Praguetory said...

Cleverly done. I've linked in my last post, but you need to sort out that sidebar.

Anonymous said...

One of these was an overtly fascist regime which exercised its power overseas by military means. At home it raised taxation to punitive levels, used invented external threats as a way of limiting personal freedom and extending state control. Party members were appointed to head all civil institutions in order to maintain control. The media was controlled by a mixture of bribes and threats. I believe it came to power in the UK c. 1997.

The other, just a guess, won power in Germany c. 1933

kinglear said...

Ah Peter, what perspicacity. More to come.
And what's with the sidebar, Mr. Prague?

Damon said...

If you are comparing the Nazi Party with New Labour, as I suspect, I might say that I believe the statistics were 33% of the vote for the Nazi Party in the end days of the Weimar Republic Germany.