Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Teddy Bears

Unless you are in Scotland the present spat about Walter Smith, the SFA and Rangers will not have bothered you too much. To many Scots, this is THE critical event of 2007 ( and so early in the year too).
Walter was an extremely succesful Rangers manager in the 90's who left for greater things - ending up as Scotland manager after the unlamented Bertie Vogts. I'm afraid I regard this position now as merely an old folk's home for worthy ex-footballers.
However, the one thing Walter would bring to the Teddy Bears is belief in the shirt. This - in case you don't know - is the thing all managers try to instill. Martin O'Neill has it, Alex Ferguson has it ( remember what he did with Aberdeen with no money), and Steven Gerrard has it, along with many others to a lesser or greater degree. LeGuen does not have it. Wee Eck had it, but lacked lots of other skills. It is perhaps the single most important factor in winning or losing a game of football, and makes the picked eleven play as a team - and substitutes slot in unselfishly to WIN. It applies in business and politics as well, and I hardly need say, Mrs.T had it, although I am more than unsure about the preasent government.
Glasgow, of course, is well known for its humour.
The present story doing the rounds is two Jimmys in a bar.
" I hear that Gordon Ramsay is going to be the 'Gers new manager" says one.
" What? says the other " because he used to play for them and can cook?"
" Naw - it's because he's got a great way with mince."
( For those who don't know, mince is Glasgow slang for a bloody load of rubbish."

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