Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Roundup and Pan's Labyrinth

Yes this is what the police are doing with Levy, Turner et al. They are, as the saying goes, getting their ducks in a row. There WILL be charges. Bliar will get off scot-free. Others will end up inside.
On a more important point, I have been castigated for using the word " nice" in relation to one of my daughter's boyfriends.
At least, I think so - it came as an email with just the word " Nice?" - so maybe it was congratulating me on my perspicacity. Mind you, simply calling them boyfriends is probably not allowed any more.
BAFTA was showing Pan's Labyrinth last night. An excellent film, original and thought provoking, but with a real-life sad ending, or maybe that should be a fairy tale happy ending. The performances were good, but I am continually astonished at film characters leaving alive people who should manifestly be killed when you have the chance. Mercedes the housekeeper stabs the Captain in the back. Then in the right shoulder. Then cust his face in two and says " Touch the girl and I will kill you - I have gutted many a pig."
So why didn't she stab him in the stomache? Or under the ribs? Then he wouldn't have been able to do much about anything, would he? I suppose one has to assume it's for the dramatic effect of the story.
Earlier on, the girl eats two grapes she was not supposed to and awakens an ogre. Mind you, she had been told, both verbally and in writing, AND by the fairies not to. But she did it anyway. How annoying is that?
I always say I don't mind a mistake, but I get cross with stupidity - we all make mistakes, after all. So I am particularly fed up with the cash for peerages thing and the cover-up. It's utterly stupid.All they needed to do was sacrifice one low level person and it would all have gone away. Now the Labour Party will be destroyed for a generation. I'm not necessarily sad about that, but we do need them for Democracy to work.
Or maybe this truly will be the end - a rump of Old Labour and yet another party amalgamation of LibDem and NuLabour.
Terrifying thought.

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