Thursday, January 25, 2007


I'm just back, courtesy of Wizzair, and jolly good it was too.
I stayed in Sighisoara ( a world heritage site but there are lots in the immediate vicinity) which is a 5hr. train ride from Bucharest. Single first class £14, and bang on time with an excellent onboard restaurant - beer and schnitzel £4.50.
Anyway, I was there to look at the Saxon villages ( Prince Charles is helping the Mihai Eminescu Trust stop them disintegrating) and they are beautiful.
The people are lovely.
The cows in the street are lovely.
The pigs in the barns are lovely.
The food is delicious.
The wine and beer are delicious.
The chickens and sheep wandering all over the place are lovely.
The Mayors control everything - ie central government doesn't interfere with local matters AT ALL.
The weather was lovely.
I could go on but you would get terminally bored.
My point is eveything is 100% organic for miles around - they couldn't afford fertiliser other than excrement and don't intend to change.
And they really really want to keep it that way, and have lots of ecotourists who DON'T ruin it.
Being in the EU since January 1st. they are coming to terms with the wall of money that is already crashing through the country. My hope is the Mayors will control it, guide it and use it to best advantage.
I loved it.

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