Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sith,Spin & Sin

I'm sure everyone has caught up with Brown, Smith Institute, Charity Commission etc etc, better known by Guido as the Sith.
I have been looking back at a few things and read the following quote. Compare and contrast as they used to say:
" New Labour is a party of ideas and ideals ( really?) but not outdated technology ( er their email system at No.10 and their general IT savyness leaves a lot to be desired) What counts is what works ( Eh??) The objectives are radical ( destruction of the United Kingdom, the constitution, the legal system, etc etc) The means will be modern" ( screw the voters for as much as possible but by stealth)
This was from their 1997 manifesto. Don't imagine for one minute you didn't go for it. Middle England ( and all of Scotland) fell for it hook line and sinker. What was different about Bliar and Brown was that always before, politicians and political parties believed in something at their core, and got elected to bring that belief to fruition. NuLabour was quite different. Admittedly old Labour could never be elected, so they had to start from the premise that there were NO shibboleths, and their sole raison d'etre was to be elected.
Now we see the end result. Because their is no " soul" to NuLabour ( which there clearly was in Old Labour) there is nothing there - a vacuum.
The appalling thing is we will all be paying for it ( not only in cash) for years to come.

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