Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bit late I know, but....

Bliar is doing one of his hospital visits.
He goes into a ward.
"How are you today?" he asks the old man in the first bed.
"Wee sleekit cow'rin' tim'rous beastie," screams the man at him, so he moves on.
"And how are you?" he asks the second patient.
"Some hae meat but cannae eat!" yells this one.
"Hmm," says Bliar to the doctor. "Is this the psychiatric unit?"
"Naw - it's the Serious Burns Unit."
Boom! Boom!
I have a friend, Mr. Retired Civil Engineer, who lives next door to Burns' cottage in Alloway. He is less than pleased at the mega-money( many many millions) that has just been showered on the Bard's erstwhile home. During the summer, it is already impossible to visit them owing to the hoards visiting the cottage. Once turned into the "Burns Experience" ( Yech!), their lives will not be worth living.

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