Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The dog

I have a very winsome Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who is, in Kennel Club parlance, a Black and Tan. He is now about 3 years old. Having had previous experience of these dogs, until they are 5, they only have about half a brain cell. After they are 5, their brain capacity doubles. Still only 1 whole brain cell, but marginally better.
Anyway, one of the daughters ( actually, they are not like Regan, Goneral and Cordelia so I can't really refer to them as such) has a very beautiful and upmarket Burmese cat, who occasionally comes to stay with us. She ( the cat) hates everything apart from herself, and certainly regards our small dog as completely beneath her. She terrifies him, and all he wants to do is be friends. The cat's owner tells me she thinks my dog is stupid. I don't think he is, but I am prepared to revise my opinion.
In essence, I have been reading all about the disadvantaged children and how Bliar and his lot have closed lots of the schools that used to help challenged children. If there was such a place for dogs, my daughter would probably have sent my dog there. He is an enormous coward ( like his owner) but, as I said at the beginning, extremely winsome, a bit like Hugh Grant with big brown eyes and floppy hair.
Imagine my distress when I discovered him this morning staring fixedly his water bowl. Then at his food bowl. Then at his water bowl.... you get the picture.
I have therefore somewhat revised my opinion of his brain power.
He is clearly dyslexic.


Murdoch MacDonald said...

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Sometimes ascribed to Churchill, but actually George Santayana.

ShakespeareinthePark said...

He is not stupid, the cat is just deranged.

007and a half said...

My Rhodesian Ridgeback backs off from his Large Dog IAMS to let the twin Burmese cats eat first.

The cats do not allow the dog to touch their food.

He respects this rule even if the cats are absent.

Presumably just in case they find out.