Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bloody Glasgow Council

You may say I should not swear on a blog, but I can tell you the office was blue with naughty words this morning.
I spend most of my life dealing with Glasgow Council, between the planning department, the rates department, the housing benefit department, the cleansing department, the get a licence for a skip department etc etc.
Sherrif Officers ( better known as Bailifs in England) turned up, looking for rates for a property from 2000/2001.
We don't have rates to pay. We rent properties to people, who are then responsible for paying the rates. Even if they don't pay, we are still not liable. They are. The moment somebody goes into or out of a property, we send a note of who they are, their address and the relevant dates. The Council had lost all this correspondance.They put it onto microfiche, and tons of documents appear to go missing every year. So instead of asking for information, they employ Sherrifs Officers at great expense, who then get a flea in their ear from me, and a copy of the correspondance.
The other one is even better. Our present offices were 3 derelict buildings. There were 3 entries in the valuation roll. For reasons noone has ever been able to fathom, the Council then made three further entries in relation to the properties, once two out of the three were redeveloped. This has been pointed out to them about 10 times over the past few years. They STILL send the Sherrifs Officers for the SAME, NON-EXISTANT property on a regular basis. Every time it is sorted out ( our time, effort etc, not theirs) we get a call telling us it is now all sorted. Two months later we have to do it all over again.

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