Friday, April 20, 2007

Betting on Scotland

Political Betting has an article today about how close the Scottish Parliamentary election might be - not least beacause 4 years ago, at what was arguably the nadir for the Tory party in Scotland and nationwide, they scored about 16% overall, as against a present poll of 13%. People in Scotland are loathe to admit they will vote Tory. Given the present position in the UK, I wouldn't mind betting that the vote is up on 4 years ago.
It could mean that the SNP will not make it to the winning line.
Whatever happens, it is going to be a damn close run thing as Wellington had it. In our constituency, Gordon Jackson ( Lab) looks to be no certainty, but his work in the community should see him through - and I think the same will apply to lots of the Labour MSPs. " Vote for me but hold your nose".

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