Monday, April 23, 2007

The Scottish Election

Just a side light on this. On Saturday night I was in Helensburgh and went into Dino's for some of their excellent ice cream. The wee chap behind the counter ( much to my astonishment) said " Now don't you go voting for that SNP lot, we need to keep Scotland strong." The man behind me leapt forward, gripping the counter " Nonsense! The SNP will do away with armies and Trident and we will be much stronger " ( couldn't quite see that myself, but let it pass).
Suffice to say that everybody else in the shop joined in, so I collected the ice cream and nipped out.
What it does show is that people are actually engaging in a debate of sorts. I don't ever remember that happening before. I know some hustings up here have had more than 200 people attending for no other reason than that the people there wanted to express their opinions. That has to be a very healthy situation.
People may have decided they dislike politicians and don't trust them, so they intend to make sure their own voices are heard.
That has to be seriously good news.

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