Sunday, April 29, 2007

Still here

It's another beautiful day and we are going to look at some sites and visit Tirgu Mures ( pronounced Togarmoresh) about 50 kms from where I am in Sighisoara.
One of the things I forgot to tell you about the Mayor of Mosna is that he is of an age when glasses are required. Unfortunately, so do most of the people around him, but for one reason or another they never seem to have their own glasses on them. When I asked him why this was, and why he was always lending them his own, his response summed him up perfectly. " Ah" he said." If you wear the Mayor's glasses, you can always see everything."
If only our own political leaders would adopt the same attitude. The "Law of unintended consequences" has been flogged to death since NuLabour came to power.
The other thing that happened yesterday that was delightful was a somewhat spiritual experience.
As we sat talking about the honey, a small breeze got up and stirred the cherry and apple blossom on the trees near us. The next thing was we were enveloped in a clouds of gently falling blossom, and soon looked rather like those artic explorers covered in snowflakes in a blizzard. Mr. Honeyman laughed as we looked at each other wide-eyed. " Ha! The enterprise is blessed!"
I do hope so.


Winchester whisperer said...

Are you going to import this honey?

kinglear said...


Winchester whisperer said...

Let me know how to buy it...