Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pollokshields Ward Hustings

We have 9 candidates. Only 3 will get elected . On tonight's performance the three who deserve to get it are Solidarity, the SSP and an Independant. The incumbent Labour Councillor had no answer to the chanting about the war - only that Glasgow Council had held a vote against it. The SNP candidate was appalling. One other Independant was very much unaligned and would seem to wish to do much for the community. I will pass over the LibDem, the Tory and the Green.
Two issues dominated. The first was, naturally, the war - or wars. We have a high percentage of Asians in our ward - remember Mohammed Sarwar represented it.
The second was the Deck Flats. I have no idea where or what these are, which I suppose is my failure. They are Council flats, part of our leafy ward which has more millionaires in it that any other part of Scotland, and, in fact, has a street with the highest number of millionaires in the UK in it. They are damp, rat infested nightmares. The Glasgow Labour council ( 50% vote, 71 out of 79 Councillors) has promised for more than 20 years to do something about them. It hasn't. There was much talk of money wasted by the Council through lack of proper consultation with the people who live in the Ward, and by free junkets to far away places. And on the war. Money that could have been spent on these excretions.
In our ward, no Labour Councillor will ever be elected again.

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