Sunday, April 22, 2007

Bliar and what he believes in

Well, it should be abundantly clear that in fact he does not believe in anything. In particular his suborning of the Civil Service stands out as a particularly appalling sunterfuge. The one thing that everyone in the UK used to believe in ( not the Police, British Justice or the Royal Family) was the Civil Service. They were defined by the fact they were non-partisan. Bliar has destroyed that perception and probably the fact of it too.
But I digress.
Bliar's true disgrace ( apart from the fact he is so slimiliy greasy as to escape prosecution over the cash for peerages - no notes, no emails, all hearsay) is his breathtaking ability to make statements and believe that people willl accept them. That is his one and only true belief.
This was high-lighted the other day when in a speech he refered to David Cameron as unprincipled.
I don't know Mr. Cameron personally, but I'm pretty sure he holds certain principles extremely dear. Bliar, of course, can't believe that anyone would. From the " I think the British people know I'm a pretty straight kind-of-a-guy" to the dodgy Iraq dossier, Bliar has bent and twisted eveything within his reach to achieve what he wanted. Most of the time, of course, things have then changed back again fairly rapidly when, as ever, things didn't work. All the NHS reorganisations have now been reversed, and we are effectively back to 1997. All the Police, Council,School whatever, are back where we started. The big problem, of course, is where he has NOT been able to reverse. The Americans for sure have kept him up to the mark in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Devolution in Scotland and Wales have come back to bite him mightily in his backside.
So here's Blair's legacy.
Absolutely nothing except anguish & decline.

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