Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dan Hannan, Clement Attlee and Sir Winston Churchill

Dan Hannan gave yet another corker of a speech at the Tory Spring Conference today.
Whilst making the point that we are not anti-Europe but pro-Britain, not anti-federalist but pro-democracy, he told the following story.
After his 1945 victory, Clem was relieving himself in the Commons loos.
The door banged open and in stalked Winnie. Glancing at Attlee, he headed for the urinal farthest away from him
" Stand offish today Winston," remarked Attlee.
" Not at all Prime Minister," growled Winston." It's just that every time you see anything big you want to nationalise it."

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Winchester whisperer said...

That's clearly Dan's joke of 2009 - I heard him tell it in Winchester last month.