Sunday, April 12, 2009


Amidst all the continuing spin and lies around "Smeargate", I was struck how Draper continues to lie and lie again. Calling the emails juvenile is the spin word trying to deflect from the baseness of their content. Saying his private emails were hacked ( Guido insists they weren't and Dizzy says the way they were sent was the electronic equivalent of a postcard) is trying to deflect from his own position in it all. Saying they were never meant to be published is given the lie by his saying they were brilliant and he would speak to Andrew about timing and technology and run with them asap. Saying they were done in McBride's own time is trying to deflect the fact that McBride was a civil servant paid for by you and me who shouldn't be doing anything for a political party.
And finally - although I fully expect further revelations and resignations - for now, as Iain Dale has pointed out, Draper lied about the Dale Racism row.
No wonder they have no time to sort the economic mess they created.
Further revelations:
Both Draper and McBride have publicly stated that the smears " were never intended to see the light of day".
In that case, why is Nadine Dorries all over the BBC, GMTV and Sky saying she was contacted some months ago about the allegations regarding herself? See Iain Dale...
Youngest Ms Lear insists McBride was not a civil servant. He may have been once but as a Spad he is not. Civil servants ( proper ones) send back stuff that has political implications.
The problem is clearly some people are less honourable than others....

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