Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spin, lies and manipulation

Middle Ms. Lear is a member of an association that holds awards every year. This year she is on the judging panel, and has been underwhelmed by how it works.
In essence people nominate themselves ( and the organisers nominate a few) and lo and behold those who have been trained by the organisers end up on the short list.
Ms. Lear is of course having none of it. The people put forward should be judged on their model and how well it is implemented, not on whether or not they took a course.
It does beg the question though of how things are now organised in this country.
Dizzy has another attack on Labour's "consultation" exercises, which, bullied and cajolled, deliver the predetermined result.
Or if they don't they are simply ignored. The regional assembly debacle is a case in point.
Clearly in NuBritain we are all left with manipulation as the only way forward.
I have long said that Labour has no principles and hence no guide as to what it should do - beyond the Stalinist tendency to force more and and more stifling legislation down our throats. This is amply demonstrated by the fact that there is virtually no legislative programme for MPs to debate. That, of course, is partly because Brown has effectively bypassed Parliament as where laws are made - orders in council account for something like 70 times more legislation than Parliament.
It's time a little boy stood up and said " The Emperor has no clothes".


Winchester whisperer said...

I can't access Guido's website today - has it been closed down?

kinglear said...

ww- server crash by all accounts.Huge traffic.