Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Famous Victory?

I'm sure you have seen the pictures of David Cameron, Joanna Lumley and Nick Clegg celebrating the victory for Gurkhas in the House of Commons.
It is, of course, wonderful news, and a huge slap in the face for Brown and his Bunker, but let me remind you that the Gurkha Welfare Trust is still caring for 10,600 pensioners and their dependants in Nepal.
That is the real disgrace in this situation, and it's why the GWT keeps desperately raising funds.
A fellow committee member emailed me last night:

"This afternoon's vote is merely a token victory and commits the Government to nothing if Brown's political lickspittles in the Immigration Dept decide to rough it out, which legally they are quite entitled to do. "
Brown and his minion's spite will be all the more sharp.
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Winchester whisperer said...

Hurrah for the Gurkhas!