Friday, April 24, 2009

How to win friends no. 94

The immigration minister, Woolas by name, has just talked tough on immigration.

So there will be fewer ne'r do wells coming into the country to sponge off us.

Er well no, actually.

There will be fewer ex -Gurkhas.



Brian Boru said...

Absolutely agree with you, KL, on the matter of our former Ghurkas.

But on immigration in general I believe in free movement of labour, not least in the EU area. There are plenty of UK nationals working in Europe, more I believe than other EU nationals working in the UK. And I haven't heard too many complaints about slacking Poles, our long time friends and allies.

In any case, I am not at all sure that the benefits system in the UK is all that generous in comparison with its immediate neighbours.

Nice to see you up and running again in the blogosphere. Have a good trip to Romania, generally a fertile subject for your readers.

kinglear said...

BB -= I agree with free movement of labour - the word labour is the clue - they work they pay tax they benefit from our system as and when they need it. Unfortunately, lots of ( different nationalities) that come to the UK work in the black economy. I'm not desperately opposed to that either as in general the cash gets spent within the UK to some extent. And the free movement means there should be ebb and flow - as work dries up, the others go back whence they came ( I have Polish bricklayers as tenants who are going home just now)I would hasten to add they are very legit - so much so that they overpaid their Council Tax.Which saves me losing money when I can't relet the flat....

Winchester whisperer said...