Friday, April 03, 2009


Driving through town just now I came across a couple of demonstrations by Glasgow City employees ( it's Friday after all and the weather's most pleasant).
They were picketing the building that houses the planning department and the City assessors ( I'm with them all the way on this one).
What amused me was that, though the picketers were clearly sons of the soil,grimy shipyard salt of the earth.. no hang about, that's not true they sit behind computers and answer phones saying the computer system's down...anyway, there they were ready for a siege.
They had their thermos flasks of Lattes, their wraps for lunch... and dozens of bottles of mineral water. Not even in plastic bottles - in GLASS bottles.
Not like when I was a flying picket.....
It seems there was a bit of a do because the Police said they couldn't have the glass bottles - elfnsafety dontcha know....
The youngest Ms. Lear has pointed out I am a Capitalist Pig and was never a flying picket. She is quite correct. I took the bus....

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