Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In Budapest

I'm on my way back to Romania with what I thought was a really sneaking new way. Glasgow Luton, Luton Budapest train almost immediately to Sighisoara.
In theory its almost perfect.
In practice yesterday, the first leg went perfectly, but when I got on the Wizz flight to Budapest, they announced they were having to pick up people in Venice ( Venice!) who had been stranded there by a broken down aircraft.
The result was I didn't get to Budapest until 2 am, no train, nowhere to go.
So I went to my favourite Golden Park beside Kelleti station ( because its handy for everything). The Wizz desk was still open so I complained about the diversion and they sold me a half price ticket to Tirgu Mures from Budapest for lunchtime Tuesday.The hotel gave me a a 70% discount for a room ( including their excellent breakfast) and here I am waiting for the plane.
In the middle of all this I picked up 2 bottles of Neuburger.
You may recall I have an ongoing search for the true Neuburger wine for the Mayor. He has always complained that it should have a greenish tinge, and none of the producers so far have achieved this.
This time, it does.
The other thing I liked ( apart from the sparkling weather) was some upmarket graffiti.
It read " Christianity is not dead! It is only asleep! It will awaken for the Apocalypse!"
I bet Church attendance in Mexico has gone through the roof....
The flight to Transylvania was 2 hrs late taking off. We loaded up on time then sat there waiting for them to get the engines going.
Actually, the problem was not so much that they couldn't get the engines to wrok - they couldn't get them to work on their own.
Tirgu Mures doesn't have the jumpstart leads the bigger airports do - so the aircraft has to be able to work itself. In this case, it couldn't - until the man with the screwdriver and hammer came out and did the equivalent of giving it a kick.
Worked fine after that...

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Hope the Neuberger is well received