Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In Romania

I awoke this morning very early as the sun was streaming in my window - which was open.
To we Scots, there are usually one and a half nights a year when you can sleep with the windows open, unless you want to get hypothermia, so the thought of it being the end of April and yet having the windows open is a sort of Clause 4 moment. One approaches it with trepidation and yet with excitement.
I hadn't actually been in the flat for more than 16 weeks, as the previous trip in February I was in Medias full time, and last week was very much a rush. I'd forgotten the pleasures of making the coffee, the sound of the children going to school (at 8am), the banter in the square, the lack of a TV pumping out drivel - and not having to read about the recession and the swine flu every two minutes.
Alin told me that the Mayor had bought me a lamb as an Easter present.
I said I thought that was very kind, but I already had lambs from my own burgeoning flock ( at least it would be if the teethy wolves stopped eating them - I feel a bit like the people who feed the birds in the winter, only it's wolves that I feed. )
Stupidly, I then asked if the Shepherd had been looking after it.
" No no Mr. K, it was for eating, and when you didn't come, the Mayor he say Mr.K he give us a lamb for Easter to the people in the City Hall, and they eated it.They were very happy."
Ask a silly question.....

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