Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gurkha Highlander 2008.

Today was the Gurkha Welfare Trust's Gurkha Curry Lunch in Edinburgh. It's always a good occassion and this year, with 140 attendees, it had more people than ever before.
We had had to collect the Deputy Director who had flown up to attend the event. Unfortunately, her heel had broken, so our first job was to get to M&S for a pair of shoes.
The lunch went off excellently well. The people concerned with the Trust, both Committee and supporters, are all in the incredibly nice category. We support 10,600 ex Gurkhas and their dependants who get no money whatever in retirement. The £30 per month we pay them ( which because of the fall in the GBP is costing us an extra £600,000 pa) makes the difference, quite literally, between life and starvation. Do feel free to go online and donate at
The food was excellent, the raffle well supported.
Amazingly, the man who won three prizes last year ( he gave two back) won a further four this year ( he gave three back). I told him next year he has to bring prizes rather than win them.
One of the matters mentioned was the book that Walker John has written about the walk. It is called "Gurkha Teuchter" and will shortly be published. It's good. I had to proof read it.
If anyone is interested, leave your email addresses in the comments.All proceeds to the Gurkha Welfare Trust.
The new film " Centurion" about the 9th Legion that disappeared in Scotland was mostly shot on Glenfeshie Estate. The lads had to cross it in a day.....


Winchester whisperer said...

2009 shurely?

kinglear said...

No the book is about LAST year. They are doing the walk again this year - I daresay there will be ANOTHER book....